See what students and their parents have to say about Natsha Siri’s piano lessons!

“Every week, my daughters look forward to their piano lessons with Natsha. She has the amazing ability to incorporate good technique, while keeping it fun to an 8 and a 6 year old. Beyond lessons, she organizes recitals and is connected to the arts community. What she has given to my girls extends beyond the piano by giving them self confidence, building their self-esteem, and inspiring a life long passion for music.”
Melissa West
“Natsha is such a wonderful player and teacher with a wealth of musical knowledge, but it is her connection and dedication to her students that sets her apart. Alex has been with her a couple years now, and she immediately elevated his playing with lessons that were both challenging and fun. And she does it all with infectious enthusiasm and heart-felt encouragement.”
Rick and Debbie Kelly
“Ms. Natsha is a great teacher. She knows how to help you improve and makes piano fun!”
Vance Conway, Student since 2014
“Natsha is simply the best! She has a smooth yet firm teaching style, and her positive attitude connects, inspires, and engages her students of all ages.”
Tao & Joe Forrester
“Piano lessons with Ms. Natsha are the highlight of our child’s week! He has developed a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of music under her direction. She is always professional, positive, and encouraging.”
Jennifer & Ben Conway
“I started late in life taking piano lessons (I’m somewhere in my early 50’s). Working with Natsha for the last 2 years has helped me exceed my expectations I never thought possible. Though I have a long way to go, both her passion and drive motivates me through my occasional struggles. Natsha’s professionalism and teaching skills makes her a great attribute to her private students.”
Karen Allen
“I met Natsha the summer before 4th grade, when I was 9 years old. At that time, I had gone through six previous piano teachers and happily stuck to Natsha for the last 4 years. I was heartbroken when Natsha told me that she was going back to California. But anyone in their right mind would not allow her to stay here in the cornfield known as Illinois. Natsha has such a wonderful talent for piano and is a great teacher. I loved learning from her and have improved so much since I started with her. Anyway long story short, I love Natsha and I can guarantee that you will love her as well.”
Sophia Runyan, Student since 2014
“Natsha is a talented teacher who has been able to guide our six-year-old son to develop his passion in music. Natsha inspired him to compose his two first segments. He is always looking forward to class and eager to work with his wonderful teacher.”
Sandra Martina Gomez
"Ms. Natsha was my first music teacher. At my age (young 69) and with zero music experience, it was very difficult for me to start piano lessons. However, Natsha persisted and her good positive demeanor and her contagious laugh made me go to class every week. I knew that she would be there, forever patient but firm, loving and serious. Just the perfect teacher, not only for me but for the other students too. I know that the other students had Ms. Natsha in high regard, too. I still talk to the other adult students (Karen, John, and Shuaib), and we can’t stop praising Natsha for her dedication to all her students and her love for music. I am going to continue learning piano because Ms. Natsha planted a good seed in me about the love for music."
Luis Vazquez
“Miss Natsha is an amazing piano teacher. She challenges you in theory and technique. She teaches you high level materials (Materials not from a text book), and makes piano fun. Miss Natsha is easily the very best!”
Jahstone Martin, Student since 2015
“All three of our kids LOVE Ms. Natsha! We have seen the kids improve every year and more importantly grow in their love for music! We have also appreciated the many opportunities to practice their performance skills during the regular recitals.”
Jed & Michele Lam
“I am 71 years old and studying the piano is an important part of my retirement life. Over the last year and a half, Natsha has helped me play some very challenging music, which I learned not only to play the notes correctly, but also to understand the dynamics and expression needed to play the music as the composer intended. To say the least, she is knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.”
John Villard
“Ms. Natsha had been teaching my son piano for a little over 2 years. He was fresh, never touched a piano before, and was quite young when I found her. Her patience and dedication to teaching my son was unmeasurable. My son learned so much from her, and I was looking forward to her teaching my younger son as well. At first, we started going to her home for lessons, which was amazing as I hadn’t purchased a piano yet. There is a piano in my home now (which I purchased a couple months later with her recommendation), so she would come to our house before school once a week to teach him. She was always flexible with unforeseen scheduling conflicts on my end, and affordable for us. We’re definitely sad to see her go, but are ecstatic for her future endeavors. We love and miss you, Ms. Natsha!!!!”
Ayse Oztas
“Ms. Natsha is a caring and dedicated teacher. She is easy to talk to and is very approachable. She has been teaching our daughter for the past 4 years. We think Ms. Natsha is great for our kids! We would truly recommend her to others.”
H.P. Cheng
"We were so incredibly fortunate to be able to find Natsha Siri as a piano teacher for our son. He was no longer interested in playing the piano after studying at a well-known piano school for several years. Natsha was able to bring out his interest in piano and his love for music. Her enthusiasm, energy, expertise, skill level, and communication with students transcends all age groups. Our son not only returned to his piano lessons with a renewed energy, but has greatly improved his playing in the time that he has been studying with Natsha. We are so appreciative, and feel so lucky to have found her!"
The Perez Family
“I’m an adult learner of piano, and I appreciated Natsha’s balance of freedom and structure in our lessons. She allowed me to experiment with different styles and periods of music (from classical to Japanese anime soundtracks), while being rigorous about technique and expression. She encouraged me to take on challenges that I would not have undertaken on my own, and helped me surpass what I thought I was capable of.”
Sara Cheng
“Ms. Natsha will always be a positive role model in my life. She is hard-working at everything she pursues. I’ve learned a lot from her, and most of all, I have learned that when things don’t go your way, you have to get through it no matter what! She is such a wonderful player and teacher. When I had first started with her, I was ready to quit piano, but she inspired me to continue playing. That was the best thing about her. I recommend her, not just because of her talent, but also for how she cares for others.”
Payton Seale, Student since 2014
"Natsha started teaching our daughter, Ryan, at the age of five. For three years, the positive energy Natsha brings to the lesson each week is infectious. Natsha holds Ryan to task during each lesson with a kind and consistent teaching style."
Anna & Mike Starostovic

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